Kit: The Million Ring Design



This kit includes my best-selling Million Ring Design tutorial (available separately), plus materials to complete THREE rings – one with included beads, two without beads or using your own beads. Additional bead packs are available on request for $2 each.

Since colour is what drives me, these bead packs have been selected specifically by me for this ring design. This way you get the benefit of my decades of colour experience and your only concern is learning to make the ring (which is SO easy, tens of thousands of people have already done so!!).

The current colourways are:
– Muted Peacock
– Harvest Berries
– Raspberry Sherbet
– Summer Grass

Wire Rings have nearly endless variations. I’ve made thousands of rings in the past decade and I’ve never made the same one twice, although I use essentially the same technique every time. I’m sure I could make a million and never repeat one – and so can you!

This technique has over a hundred clear, close-up photos, nearly 80 steps and 37 pages. It gives you a solid foundation and allows for infinite diversions from the main steps to create a ring that’s uniquely yours.

Despite each resulting ring’s one-of-a-kind design, I developed this technique for production and sale; therefore it is quick, economical, and profitable. I never make fewer than 50 at a time, and I sell hundreds each year at juried art galleries and craft shows; for years my retail price was $22CDN but since holding the tiny wire aggravates my repetitive strain injury and hurts my fingers, I raised the price to $28 to try and keep sales low – but I sell just as many!

What I’m saying is: whatever your goal – making gifts or items for sale – you will find these rings easy to make and popular with others.

The tutorial has two phases: A plain wire-only ring and a fully-decorated bead ring. Several variations in style are discussed with plenty of photos to back them up!

Hope you enjoy making these as much as I enjoyed putting these instructions together for you!

– A digital download of the tutorial (please provide the email address you wish it to be emailed to)
– Enough wire for THREE rings (one with beads, two without OR using your own beads):
4 feet of round silver-plated, poly-nylon coated 20 gauge parawire
2 feet of round silver-plated, poly-nylon coated 26 gauge parawire
– Enough beads for ONE ring:
one 6mm glass bead
four 3-4mm glass beads
two 2mm metal beads to match the wire

****List of Tools and Materials Required NOT INCLUDED****
ring mandrel
flush cutters
chain nose OR bent chain nose pliers

***DELIVERY: The tutorial PDF will be available as a digital download after purchase. The wire & bead pack will be mailed within 3-5 business days – normally, we ship on Mondays unless demand is high. Please ensure both your email address and mailing address are correct to avoid delays in delivery.

Jewellery Tutorials are a perfect fit for me, which means my tutorials are perfect for you. Here’s why:

* I’m a self-taught wire artist, since 1998, so I know what it’s like to struggle with a new technique or to work without special tools, and you’ll find workarounds in my tutorials. You’ll also find many of my techniques are different from the usual since nobody was teaching when I was learning and I had to invent something new every time I was solving a problem!

* I have spent nearly twenty years writing course curriculum for online, adult learners, and I’m good at it. So you’ll find my tutorials have clear, concise, accurate instructions with photos for every step – even partial steps. I know how to teach you no matter how you learn best! Plus, I make jewellery to sell – and I sell a lot of it – so many of my techniques are designed to efficiently put into production, leading to tutorial stages which you can easily follow.

* I am also a graphic designer, so you’ll find a consistent, readable layout on every page, photos that draw your focus to the relevant step, and constant clues to keep your place – even if you forget to staple and the whole thing falls apart!

You keep reading, and I’ll keep looking for exciting new ways to help you make jewellery!

Additional information

Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 22.8 × 15.2 × 2 cm