Polymer Clay Cabochon: Floral


Delightfully colourful hand-made polymer clay jewelry cabochon suitable for creating jewelry. Get the handmade, artisan look without the hassle of figuring out all these techniques yourself!

I originally made these for my own use but making them was so fun that I ended up with way more than I can ever use! It made me sad to see them in a drawer so I decided to put up limited pieces for sale. These are perfect for assemblage, wire wrapping, mixed media, and other jewelry applications. I’ve used them as the basis for gluing assemblage brooches, for wiring to my steampunk pendants to add a touch of colour and texture, and to make surprisingly lightweight earrings.

These have been lovingly crafted using impressions I’ve created from real plants and botanicals from my backyard on Cape Breton Island. I’ve made dozens of these molds from various plants so even within a set, the details are distinctively unique. I hand-form the clay into the mold shapes so the edges are appealingly rustic. Once baked, I’ve use hand-painted watercolor techniques to create vivid and elegant pieces suitable for jewellery. Each piece is coated with several layers of a durable sealant to protect the colours.

1 strong 2″ flat polymer clay cabochon

Additional information

Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 22.8 × 15.2 × 2 cm